“Club Proof 1.0” Gift Certificate


Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer? Here’s how the Gift Certificate works:

1) Think of your loved one who deserves a special present of self-protection.

2) Purchase this course for a whopping 63% off during our holiday sale for only $222 (regular price $600).

3) The gift certificate will be emailed to you within 1 to 12 hours (depending on your time zone and time of purchase). The gift certificate will contain a personalized one-time promo code (don’t share it!) so your loved one can enroll in the course for free.

4) Print out the gift certificate (valued at $600) and place it as stocking stuffer or inside a greeting card, or email it to your loved one if they’re out of town.

5) You become a holiday hero amongst the eyes of your friends and family! (OK, maybe not, but at least the recipient will appreciate that you care for their safety and well being.)


NOTE FOR PURCHASER: If you’ve previously enrolled in a course at the Tiga Tactics Online Training Center, you’ll need to create a separate username and password here for our online shop, as they work on two different platforms.

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Get a “Club Proof 1.0” Gift Certificate as a stocking stuffer!

The gift certificate will give your loved one lifetime access to our home study course, which will teach them how to not only survive but also spot and even prevent a blunt-weapon attack — be it with a pipe, hammer, or baseball bat.

Through our 19 easy-to-follow videos (yes, there are 19 parts!) they’ll get a simple, comprehensive, and reality-based program that includes:

  • 19 step-by-step instructional videos to show you how to defend yourself against a bad guy swinging a hammer/baseball bat (both one-handed and two-handed) at your face!
  • The Laws of Stupid: We’re BIG on situational awareness, and a little bit of it goes a long way in preventing your skull getting smashed in. We explain each “law” and how not to break any of them (hint: there are FOUR things to look out for).
  • The 4 Most Common Types of Club Attacks: Criminals aren’t pro athletes or Filipino martial arts masters, so the way they’ll hit you is quite caveman-like and predictable. Learn what these attacks are so you know how to stop them.
  • Our (kinda) counter-intuitive tactic that’ll prevent your braincase from getting caved in.
  • Forget fancy joint locks or complicated disarming techniques. We break down how you can control your opponent into just TWO simple motions.
  • How to make it second nature to spot the the telltale sign of an impending club attack.
  • The 4 powerful empty-hand strikes that’ll stop any violent thug, regardless of your speed or size.