“Machete Fighting” Gift Certificate


Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer? Here’s how the Gift Certificate works:

1) Think of your loved one who deserves a special present of self-protection.

2) Purchase this course for a whopping 63% off during our holiday sale for only $37 (regular price $100).

3) The gift certificate will be emailed to you within 1 to 12 hours (depending on your time zone and time of purchase). The gift certificate will contain a personalized one-time promo code (don’t share it!) so your loved one can enroll in the course for free.

4) Print out the gift certificate (valued at $100) and place it as stocking stuffer or inside a greeting card, or email it to your loved one if they’re out of town.

5) You become a holiday hero amongst the eyes of your friends and family! (OK, maybe not, but at least the recipient will appreciate that you care for their safety and well being.)


NOTE FOR PURCHASER: If you’ve previously enrolled in a course at the Tiga Tactics Online Training Center, you’ll need to create a separate username and password here for our online shop, as they work on two different platforms.

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Get a “Machete Fighting” Gift Certificate as a stocking stuffer!

The gift certificate will give your loved one lifetime access to our home study course, which will teach them how to turn that camping tool (sitting in your garage) into a deadly defensive weapon.

Through our 25 easy-to-follow videos (yes, there are 25 parts!) they’ll get a simple, comprehensive, and practical program that includes:

  • Where is it appropriate to carry a machete? Hint: While doing yard work? Yes. At a campsite? Yes. At a mall? Uh, no.
  • How to grip the machete so that you never drop it. Miss this detail and you may end up losing your weapon and maybe your life.
  • Forget fancy techniques or complicated numbering systems from so-called masters. We break down machete strikes into just TWO simple motions. Yes, two motions are all you need to become deadly efficient.
  • The single most powerful strike with the machete: how to do it and (more importantly) how to do it safely. Don’t skip this because if you do, you will end up becoming your own worst enemy.
  • Work the simple machete drills with us. It’ll turn you into a lethal weapon AND work your core. How about that? Two for the price of one. Get a great workout and learn to be lethal with the blade.
  • What to do with your non-weapon/weak/support or off-hand so it doesn’t become a liability. Although movies make it look cool, you should not be swinging both arms around when using a machete. We show you three places to place it, you pick the one that works for you.
  • Mobility drills: Footwork wins fights. Simple, yet why do teachers make it so complicated? We break down the sweet science and make it both easy and effective for you.