The rise in violent crimes? Mass shootings? Terrorist attacks? We are, too. That’s why we formed Tiga Tactics, a self-defense training and consulting company that can help you protect yourself and your loved ones no matter where you live. With a combined half-century of experience in combatives, the founders of Tiga Tactics aim to not only bridge but explode the gap between the fantasy being taught in martial arts dojos and the real violence that happens on the streets every single day.  
Online Courses: 
Our classes can teach the average person effective defenses against the most common deadly attacks on the street. And the best part is that they’re modular. You can mix and match them, like designer clothes — only far more useful and not as expensive. Get Training Now  
Our in-person seminars are all customizable. Hungry for a knife fighting program? Craving a two-hour class on improvised weapons? Or maybe you want to feast on a four-day buffet of striking, grappling, and groundwork with several side dishes of weapons applications. No doubt we have a personalized self-defense menu that’s right for you. Request or Attend a Seminar  
Tiga Tactics can help your business, church, or agency. How? Our instructors aren’t just combatives experts but also successful entrepreneurs and business professionals. We can analyze a martial arts program, a self-defense tool, or an organization and provide insights and concrete steps for improving your mission, product, or service. Consult With an Expert