Our goal is to empower you so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

And the fastest and most effective way to do that is through the power and convenience of the Internet. Our online training programs lets you practice in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace … and while you wear nothing but your underwear if you so choose!

Here are our practical and street-effective combatives courses:


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The karambit is everywhere nowadays!

Maybe you saw it in Keanu Reeves’  John Wick 3. Or perhaps it was in the Netflix movie, Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth. 

And for good reason.

This exotic weapon from Southeast Asia has a distinctly curved blade and an unusual retention ring. What is is used for? Why is the blade curved? Is it better than a straight-edged knife?

Well, we have some of those answers because …

… we just put together a free 3-part video series focused on this curved blade from Southeast Asia that cuts through the Hollywood B.S. and martial arts myths.

If you’ve ever been curious about why this knife is so deadly and how it can be adapted to your everyday-carry gear, check out our mini course — FREE of charge!


The vast majority of knife-fighting systems will have instructors who start their lessons with the knife already in their hand …

… yeah, that’s the EASY part! The hard part — the part that actually saves your live — is getting the knife out in time!

The Edged Weapon Certification Course 1.0 is a webinar series consisting of 5 live online classes that give you the fundamentals of selecting, carrying, and using a knife for self-defense.

We also go over other topics that are usually glossed over in other systems: the ethics and legalities involved with using an blade.


Why are knives so scary? Let us count the ways …

Edged weapons can be found everywhere and in every continent in the world.

They’re cheap. Go to a dollar store and get paring knife for one buck!

They’re easily concealed.

And they never need to be reloaded or maintained. Just pull it out and start stabbing!

In the USA alone, edged weapons accounted for 1,476 murders in 2019.

That’s why we created this a no-B.S. practical program that gives you the knowledge, techniques, and training methods to STOP a knife-wielding psycho in his tracks.


Whether it’s a hammer, a tire iron, or a baseball bat, clubbing attacks are scary and potentially fatal!

What a club lacks in conceal-ability and portability, it makes up in sheer speed and power.

It can break arms and legs, shatter teeth, and crack skulls.

So, how do you defend against them?

Club Proof 1.0 shows you how criminals use a club, gives you the signs to watch out for, and teaches you two sure-fire techniques to stop a blunt-weapon beating dead in its tracks.


Do you know what the most common street attack is?

If you guessed a mass shooting … you’d be wrong!

How about a terrorist plowing their van through a crowded intersection? Wrong again.

The single most commonly used weapon on the street is the haymaker.

Why? It’s the weapon everyone is born with: our fists. No one has to go out a buy them, they’re easy to use, and they have tremendous knockout power …

… and in some cases can be fatal — if not by the initial blow than by the secondary impact of the head hitting the ground after getting knocked unconscious!

Punch Proof 1.0 breaks down the different types of suckerpunches and haymakers, how they are used, and how to prevent from being a sucker yourself.

Stay tuned! There are more kickass combatives courses coming soon!