Tiga Tactics | noun
tee-gah • tak-tiks

A combatives training and consulting company.


We empower people so they can protect themselves (and their loved ones) by offering live seminars and online classes with a sprinkling of fun mixed in. After all, if you’re not going to enjoy it, you’re not gonna train it.



Our founders and chief instructors are Patrick Vuong and Dr. Conrad Bui.

Combined, we have expertise in a half-dozen weapon platforms, instructorships in 12 fighting systems (yes, twelve), and more than 60 years (that’s more than a half century!) of continuous self-defense studies — which includes martial arts, combat sports, reality-based combatives, and tactical firearms training.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dozen martial artists with that level of experience and talent, let alone just two.

Also, we’ve appeared in numerous media, including several award-winning magazines (see below). Our cadre are highly sought after — whether as writers, photographers, models, hosts, or subject-matter experts.


We’re Like You: We’re not elite cops, soldiers, or UFC fighters. We consider ourselves average Joes — just with an elite level of combatives experience that we’ll share without any ego or chest-thumping.

We’re Teachers: Anyone can consume our easy-to-follow lessons without getting martial indigestion. You don’t need years of prior knowledge or to be a ripped athlete. You just need a desire to learn and a determination to train.

We Keep It Serious … But Fun: We take our training seriously but not ourselves. After all, if something’s not going to be fun, you’re probably not gonna want to learn it.


We provide effective combatives training you can learn within days rather than years, while also giving you consistent practice when it’s convenient for you.

Traditionally, martial arts are taught in a dojo. Students attend weekly classes. They get tested and earn different belts or rankings with the aim of becoming a black belt or instructor. Meanwhile, tactical training is usually taught in a seminar-style format at a firearms school. Students learn in a classroom setting before heading out to the range to run shooting drills with the teacher. There is no ranking nor weekly practices.

You would like more training than just a single seminar but you probably also don’t want to put in five years of consistent studying in a system to find out if you can survive a deadly encounter. Therefore, Tiga Tactics offers a wide arsenal of tools that you can learn at home or where it’s most convenient for you. Whether it’s through our online courses, in-person seminars, or regular consultation, we provide combatives programs customized to your specific needs. It’s maximum training that’ll get you ready in minimal time.


“Tactics” is defined as a plan or action of using available means to accomplish a specific goal.

“Tiga” (pronounced “tee-gah“) means “three” in Indonesian. That number holds significance for many people for many different reasons — whether you believe in the Holy Trinity or use it to explain the structure of a dramatic work. It also symbolizes the triangle, a significant shape in self-defense, and reminds us that to defend yourself effectively, you must have:

  1. Life-saving knowledge
  2. Street-effective tactics
  3. Continuous and realistic training.

If you lack just one of these attributes, your chances at prevailing in an adrenaline-filled, life-and-death situation decrease dramatically.

Therefore, we named our company Tiga Tactics to always remind us of our main goal: give you the three pillars of personal protection (knowledge, techniques, and training) so that you can safely protect yourself and your loved ones.

And, besides, Tiga Tactics just sounds plain cool.


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