“When your life is on the line — but you don’t have a gun or a knife — you need a tool that will stop a deadly threat regardless of your size, speed, or skill level.”

That’s why we advocate the use of an EDC tactical flashlight. It’s both a long-range “projectile” and a close-quarters combat weapon. How so?

It’s a long-range “projectile” of sorts because you can “throw” 600 lumens’ worth of white light to blind a bad guy before he even gets within 15 feet of you (unlike a stun gun, which needs to be deploy within arm’s reach of a dangerous mugger or murderer). 

Some critics say, “Well, flashlights don’t work during the day.” And to that we say, “Ha! Have you ever been hit with a flashlight before?” It’s like getting smashed in the face with a mini metal pipe!

That’s why we’ve released our new “EDC Flashlight” course.

It shines some much-needed light on an area of personal protection that’s been kept in the darkness for too long.

This 31-part program (yes, it has thirty-one videos!) bring to you a practical and effective program that anyone — you, your kids, your grandparents — could learn today to help protect themselves on the streets today.


“Do 90% of all street-fights go to the ground?”

We’re not sure how accurate this statement is, even if it’s been around since at least the 1990s. But what we do know is that getting slammed to the pavement is extremely dangerous … and potentially deadly.

That’s why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) coaches are always telling everyone to learn how to grapple. But do you really need to spend 10 years (or more!) to earn a black belt so you can defend yourself on the street?

Absolutely not. You see, about 90% of BJJ is great for competition but we would NEVER use it in a street fight or in self-defense. That means that….

“You only need the remaining 10% to be effective!”

But what 10%? That’s where our new “Antigrappling”™ course fills the void. We’ve stripped down over a decade of BJJ training and competing to bring you the meat and potatoes, the nuts and bolts of street-grappling.