Learn how to survive an urban ambush — whether you’re on your feet or on the ground.

This two-day, in-person event combines two of our flagship courses — “Antigrappling” and “Punch Defense” — into one fun, safe, and comprehensive program. Why merge the two together?

Because in a real-life violent attack, defending against a suckerpunch and suddenly ending up on the ground getting your skull stomped in can happen in less than 2 seconds.

So, knowing how to defend yourself on your back and fighting your way up to your feet is just as important as knowing how to stop a suckerpunch ambush while standing.

That’s why we’re bringing our Street Combatives Seminar to Southern California on October 21-22.

We’re offering not one but two complete systems in a single seminar, which is not often taught — if at all.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Spot and avoid a surprise haymaker

  • Stop a bad guy from smashing in your teeth

  • Prevent a violent thug from throwing you to the pavement

  • Safely breakfall so you don’t break any bones if you are taken down

  • Escape the dreaded “ground and pound”

  • Deliver knockout shots even if you’re lying flat on your back

  • Safely and quickly stand up without getting your teeth kicked in

  • Beat back your attacker using the most street-effective strikes