This live online event will focus on a worst-case scenario that’s often neglected: fighting when you’re flat on your back

Whether you’ve been pushed or tackled, or just straight-up tripped, ending up on the ground is the LAST place you want to be in a violent confrontation.

So, would you know how to survive a street-fight if it went to the concrete? We will show you how.

This online seminar held via Zoom picks up where our sold-out “Takedown Defense & Survival” webinar left off — this 1-hour event will teach you how to fight back when you’re flat on your back.

This is NOT a traditional jiu-jitsu class or a combat sports clinic. This Zoom session will give you practical ground-fighting fundamentals for anyone who wants to not only survive but win a fight on the ground.


What if a blade-wielding bad guy tries to filet you like a fish and you can’t draw your weapon in time?

That’s when you’ll need to rely on your unarmed combatives training.
And if you haven’t been practicing how to defend yourself against an edged weapon using nothing but your bare hands, it’s less likely you’ll be able to survive long enough to draw your own weapon.
As Archilochus once wrote, “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”

That’s why we’re bringing our sold-out Knife Defense2 Seminar to San Francisco on July 15-16.

We’re offering something not often taught — if at all — in a single seminar:

How to quickly and safely transition from effective unarmed defense against an edged weapon to armed defense using an everyday-carry blade.In this two-day, in-person seminar, we’ll teach you:
  • How to avoid being a stabbing victim
  • How to spot an armed assailant
  • The simple but counterintuitive move that’ll stop a knifing
  • The two ways to control a knife-wielding psycho
  • How to put down your attacker or create space to draw your own blade.
So, what are you waiting for? Click below to find out more!


This new flagship program will teach you how to select, carry, and (most importantly) deploy your defensive knife safely and effectively

Pocketknives are ubiquitous.
Almost everyone and their mother carries one — whether it’s to slice an apple, open an Amazon package, or use it for work. And because it’s on their body they think it’ll magically appear in their hand in a life-and-death situation.
But the reality of a violent attack is that you won’t have time to draw your edged tool.
That’s where our new “EDC Knife 1.0” course comes into play.
This online program will show you not only how to create the time and space needed to deploy you defensive knife, it’ll also teach you how to select the best model, where to carry it, and how to use it to survive a deadly urban ambush.
We’re almost ready to launch this innovative home study course. 
Given the frequent requests we’ve gotten over the past year or so, we anticipate we’ll be inundated with registrations once the launch date hits.
In order for us to manage the incoming demand, we have prepared a special Priority Access list.
When you sign up to this waitlist, you’ll get access to the course and all of its bonus materials before everyone else does — and at a massive discount that’s exclusive to the list.