In-Person Seminars



Tiga Tactics can offer a customized combatives seminar — regardless if you have prior training. And the best part is that it can be totally personalized to your preferences.

How is this possible?

Our two chief instructors are combatives experts with a combined 60 years of continuous training in all four ranges of unarmed combat, as well as with both close-quarters weapons and firearms.


Our two chief instructors have advanced instructor ranks in 12 systems and have studied dozens more. We have fought in combat sports and trained with close-quarters weapons for years. 

This gives us the unique ability to give you customized combatives.

Our seminars can touch upon or get hyper-focused on a wide variety of subjects, including (but not limited to):

  • Edged weapons (fixed blades, folding knives, machetes, improvised blades, etc.)
  • Blunt weapons (sticks, clubs, tire irons, baseball bats, etc.)
  • Striking (kicking, punching, kneeing, elbowing, etc.)
  • Grappling (chokes, holds, breaks, joint locks, etc.)
  • Takedowns and throws
  • Firearms (both the use of and defense against)
  • Women’s self-defense
  • Police defensive tactics
  • Military (transitions from rifle to pistol to knife to empty hand)

why our seminars

Wanna learn effective self-defense but don’t have a reputable instructor in your area? Perhaps your business or agency is looking to beef up its self-defense tactics and security protocols? Or maybe you’re a traditional martial arts instructor who’s looking to add a realistic urban combatives program to your curriculum?

Our seminars are open to almost anyone, but they’re most ideal for the following:

  • Traditional martial arts instructors
  • Mixed Martial Arts gyms searching for reality-based combatives or weapons defense programs
  • Law enforcement agencies looking to beef up their defensive tactics
  • Military units in need of a no-nonsense edged and blunt weapons seminar or CQB empty-hand combatives
  • Businesses or groups looking for a fun yet effective self-defense program
  • Martial artists who live too far from reputable instructors


Whether you want a two-hour crash course on a specific topic or you’re looking for a four-day buffet of multiple subjects, we can deliver whatever you need. To start things off, our menu offers the following seminar structures:

The Appetizer (2 Hours):
This seminar is usually two hours long and gives participants a taste of the techniques, tactics, and training required for a specific subject.

The Part-Timer (Half Day):
This format provides students with 4 hours of solid instruction, introducing them to the fundamentals of a particular topic.

The Nine-to-Fiver (Full Day):
This one-day seminar consists of 6 to 7 hours of instruction on a given topic, giving students a variety of techniques and the repetition to apply them in drills until a level of competency is achieved.

The Weekender (2 Days):
This two-day seminar consists of at least six hours of instruction per day and aimed at giving participants a level of competency in a numerous skills and tactics. This is our most popular format, as demanded by our students.

The Buffet (3 to 5 Days):
This seminar can run between three to five days in length and is meant to develop competent students in a wide range of skills and tactics.

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