“EDC Knife 1.0” (Priority Waitlist)

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Pocketknives are ubiquitous.

Almost everyone and their mother carries one — whether it’s to slice an apple, open an Amazon package, or use it for work. And because it’s on their body they think it’ll magically appear in their hand in a life-and-death situation.

But the reality of a violent attack is that you won’t have time to draw your edged tool.

That’s where our new “EDC Knife 1.0” course comes into play.

This 71-part (yes, seventy-one videos!) program is packed with life-saving content, including:

  • How to turn your humble pocketknife into an effective self-defense tool 
  • Avoid common knife myths that could get you killed on the streets 
  • Incorporate a whopping 39 drills into your training regimen to become both dangerous and fit.

You will uncover the blueprint to selecting, carrying, deploying, and using your everyday-carry knife for a life-and-death situation.

This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Get it today and you’ll also receive:

  • “Sharp Knife, Sharper Mind”™ Course ($150 value): This 6-part program will not only prime your brain but also inoculate your body to the physiological stress of violence. Learn how to keep cool and stay sharp under duress.
  • “Defensive Knife Fundamentals”™ Course ($250 value): This 22-video bonus program alone would be more than enough to make you deadly with a blade. But we go beyond just combat, bridging that gap between “martial” and “art” by showing you how to train both solo and flow drills with a partner.
  • “Toolbox 1.0” Course ($250 value): This additional 10-part program focuses on how to sharpen the four most street-effective empty-hand strikes you’ll ever need to end a fight quickly.
  • Tiga Tactics Training Knife ($50 value): Made by Keen Edge Knives, our custom-made high-quality aluminum training knives are round-tipped and blunt enough that you won’t have to go to the hospital, but are realistic enough to maximize your training.
  • Safety glasses ($25 value): Order today and we’ll deliver a pair of safety-rated 3M eye protection. These glasses have an impact rating of ANSI Z87+, so they won’t shatter upon impact. They’ll help keep your peepers working so you can see when a (training) knife is coming at you.
  • Tiga Tactics Big Morale Patch ($20 value): Our patch features the Tiga Tactics logo with a Velcro backing for easy attachment and removal. It’s made of rubber-like PVC and has a 3D-like aesthetic.
  • $100 Gift Certificate to a Tiga Tactics Seminar: To make things easier for you to learn from us LIVE, we’re throwing in a $100 gift certificate to any Tiga Tactics in-person seminar of your choice! That way, if we happen to be in your area at the right time, you can train with us for a lot less cash than what a seminar ticket usually costs.
  • Membership to Our Private Facebook Group ($97 value): Team Tiga Tactics is a Facebook group for our students, alumni, instructors, and trusted allies — a private group you can join only by invitation. This allows you to interact with us daily without prying eyes, to get insider content shown before the public sees it (or not at all), and to receive exclusive discounts for future courses, products, and training. Enroll today and you’ll be invited into this exclusive club.
  • Official Certification (value: priceless): Once you’ve gone through the entire course, you will be awarded with a Tiga Tactics Recognition of Training certificate. It’s official proof that you’ve put in the work to reach a higher level of personal-protection competency.