Online Courses


The Internet isn’t just for watching viral videos and VR porn. It’s also a great resource for learning. Our online courses let us teach the average person the most effective defenses against common street attacks — quickly and from anywhere. Whether it’s a blunt, bladed, bareknuckled, or powder-burning weapon, Tiga Tactics can give you the knowledge, skills, and training to protect yourself and your loved ones from lethal threats.


Learn Quickly, Train Consistently

Traditionally, martial arts are taught in a dojo. Students attend weekly classes in a brick-and-mortar facility. They get tested every few months, earning different belts or rankings with the aim of becoming a black belt or instructor. That could mean years before they’ll find out if their skills are street worthy. On the flip side, tactical training is usually taught in a seminar-style format at a firearms school. Students might get a brief lesson before heading out to the range to run shooting drills under the guidance of the instructor. There is no ranking nor weekly practices. Just a one-off class.

Our digital programs are much more efficient than the traditional martial arts path, cutting years of training down to just a few days. But we also give you consistent and convenient training, providing you a framework for regular practice that you’ll never get from a firearms school.


Learn In Your Underwear

And the best part is that you can learn and practice in the comfort and privacy of your home — so long as you have an Internet connection and either a computer or mobile device. This means you can learn effective combatives within days rather than years, while also getting consistent practice when it’s convenient for you. And feel free to wear your Ninja Turtle pajamas while doing it.


Learn Only What You Want

And the second best part is that our online courses are modular. That means you can mix and match them, like designer clothes — only far more useful and not as expensive. They’re interconnected but — like a good Marvel movie — you don’t need to see them all to progress. Study only the courses that interests you the most without fear of missing some vital technique or concept.


NOTE: Check back soon for updates on when the Tiga Tactics online curriculum will become available.