Tiga Tactics can give you the knowledge, skills, and training to protect yourself and your loved ones from lethal threats — whether they’re a blunt, bladed, bareknuckled, or powder-burning weapons.

Our online Tiga Tactics Combatives courses let you learn the most effective defenses against common street attacks, quickly and from anywhere.

Our newest online course is Stab Proof 1.0.

This is an innovative, science-based course that offers street-effective defense against edged weapons. It’s distilled from our two co-founders’ 60-plus years of martial arts training, combat sports competition, and real-life bar-bouncing experience


Traditionally, it takes years to become competent at martial arts.

Students attend weekly classes in a dojo, or brick-and-mortar training hall. They get tested every few months, earning different belts or rankings with the aim of becoming a black belt or instructor. That could mean five years before they’ll find out if their skills are street worthy.

On the flip side, tactical training is usually taught in a seminar-style format at a firearms school.

Students might get a brief lesson before heading out to the range to run shooting drills under the guidance of the instructor. There is no ranking. There is no weekly practices (unless you go on your own). Just a one-off class.

Do you see the problem with these two dichotomies?

In one instance must endure years of training a lot just to get competent. In the other you’re not getting enough training.

Our online Tiga Tactics Combatives courses can change that for you.

They’re far more efficient than the traditional martial arts path, cutting down years of training to just a few weeks. Possibly even days, if you have previous experience.

But within each course, we also give you a training regimen that provides you a framework for consistent and realistic practice that you’ll never get from a one-and-done firearms school.



Another benefit of enrolling in our online courses is convenience.

Our video lessons are on-demand, meaning you can train anywhere, anytime — so long as you have a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

This is a huge plus for anyone who can’t travel to one of our live in-person seminars or can’t afford our private and semi-private training sessions.

Plus, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, you don’t have to worry about lockdowns, travel restrictions, quarantines, or training with a mask on.

Instead, train in the comfort of your own home with your spouse. Or alone in your underwear! Train whenever you want wearing whatever you want … just make sure the curtains are drawn if you choose the latter option!


Our online courses are modular.
That means you can mix and match them, like designer clothes — only far more useful and not as expensive. They’re interconnected but — like a good Marvel movie — you don’t need to see them all to progress.
Study only the courses that interests you the most without fear of missing some vital technique or concept.
No more having to train for two to three years before you “prove your worthy enough” of learning the most effective techniques.
No more having to learn a bunch of filler material that instructors use to pad their system and milk more money from you.
No more practicing techniques that haven’t been pressure tested and make you question whether you can survive an attack in real life.
Just learn what you want quickly, train it whenever you want it, and be able to use it to defend yourself on the streets effectively.


The cost to enroll in Stab Proof 1.0 is $600.

Your access to our video-on-demand course is unlimited, 24/7 … for life.


This is what you’ll get when you enroll in Stab Proof 1.0:

  • Distillation of our co-founders’ 60-plus years of continuous self-defense experience, combat sports competition, and research into real-life violence.
  • The most street-effective tactics and techniques to not only survive but overcome the most common edged-weapon attacks used by robbers, rapists, and murderers.
  • Access to 24 video lessons organized into 3 easy-to-follow chapters
  • A course you can to practice anywhere, with anyone, at any time
  • A training regimen that will also increase your fitness level, boost your self-confidence, and strength bonds with your training partner(s).


Email us at with the subject heading “Stab Proof” and tell us you want to enroll. We will respond within 24 hours with your personalized access to our online course.

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