Worried about getting mugged?

Concerned you or your loved one might get raped or beaten?

Would you know what to do if someone comes at you with a knife or gun?

Tiga Tactics aims to give you the mental knowledge, the physical skills, and most importantly the consistent training regimen needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. And we offer several ways to do that.


Online Courses:

Our online courses are designed to teach the average person the most effective defenses against these and other deadly street attacks. And the best part is that they’re modular. That means you can mix and match them, like designer clothes — only far more useful and not as expensive. They’re interconnected but — like a good Marvel movie — you don’t need to see them all to progress.

Click here to learn life-saving combatives skills in the comfort of your own home.



Do you prefer learning from a human being instead of from a computer or smartphone screen? You’re in luck — we’re real people and we love teaching other people in person. Click here to find out how we can teach you, your academy, or your business through one of our seminars.



Are you a business owner looking for a fresh and realistic perspective on your organization’s physical security? Maybe you’re law enforcement or military who finds your defense tactics or combatives program lacking? Perhaps you’re an accomplished martial arts instructor who’s looking to fill a gap in your curriculum. Or you manufacture self-defense tools and need a subject-matter expert to vet your products and provide real-world feedback? Click here to find out how we can consult your business, agency, or organization.