He’s Lucky to Be Alive

The dude really should count his lucky stars today.
The man I’m talking about in the headline is a 29-year-old New York subway rider who was smashed in the head with a hammer last week.
His assailant was Christian Jeffers, a career criminal who has at least 47 (yes, forty-seven!) prior arrests before being arraigned last Friday for the unprovoked and vicious attack.
Jeffers bumped into the victim on the train platform then screamed, “Why you hit me?”
Then he suddenly pulled out a hammer from a bag and swung!
The victim got one arm up as he stepped back, but it wasn’t enough — nor was it the right defensive move — and the hammer landed with a sickening thunk sound.
From confrontational question to cranium contact, the scary assault took just 3 seconds.
“I didn’t see the hammer,” the victim told the New York Post. “It happened, like, too quick for me to react.”
The 29-year-old fell to the concrete, his forehead bleeding from the hammer blow. He was hospitalized, but fortunately not for too long.
There’s a lot to unpack with this case, but here are our top 3 takeaways:

  • Avoid the “poisoned hand:” The shoulder bump that preceded the hammer attacker reminded me of what my Kung Fu master called the “poisoned hand.” No, it’s not an ancient death touch technique; it’s the concept of avoiding damage by not being where a kick or punch would land. This means getting in and out of range quickly.

    Jeffers understood range when he intentionally bumped into his victim. So, when possible in public, get out of the way. Give people as wide a berth as possible and recognize when someone is within striking range — both yours and theirs.

  • Steel your mind: It’s pretty clear by what the victim told reporters that he didn’t expect to be in a fight that day — especially against a career criminal armed with a hammer! If you can’t even imagine an event happening, it’s pretty difficult to prepare for it when it does happen.

    That’s why, as part of my defensive mindset ritual, I either perform one draw of my chosen self-defense tool or say to myself, “This could be the day I might have to fight for my life or the life of a loved one.” This prepares me mentally right out of the gate.

  • Don’t rely on your reaction time: Jeffer’s 29-year-old victim said that things happened too quickly for him to react. But that’s the problem with most unsuspecting prey; they always assume they’ll see an assault coming and have the time and distance to react.

    News flash: Evil does not strike slowly. Two-legged predators attack in the concrete jungle just like their four-legged brethren do in the wild — unexpectedly, quickly, and violently.

That’s why you need consistent and realistic training, because (as the saying goes) you do not rise to the occasion but rather fall to the level of your training.
Conrad and I have spent years pressure-testing techniques against resistant partners armed with training weapons (from knives and guns to sticks and baseball bats).
We know what it takes to survive an urban ambush involving a hammer or any other blunt weapon.
And it’s not necessarily what’s taught on the range or in the dojo.
Fortunately, you don’t have to spend decades studying martial arts, combat sports, and combatives like we did.
That’s because we’ve distilled the best tips, tactics, and training drills in “Club Proof 1.0.”
And in honor of my namesake holiday today, you can get this home study course for half price during St. Patrick’s Day week.
Just use the 50% off promo code stpaddy2022 at checkout.

Enroll in “Club Proof” today so you don’t have to rely on luck to survive a blunt weapon attack.

But don’t wait — our St. Patrick’s Day sale ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time this Saturday.



If you’ve been part of a martial arts training center you may have noticed that there is a decent amount of turnover.

People will show up, train for just the free classes or stay for a month and then leave. Perhaps I am not describing a stranger but rather you or a loved one.

The problem with this is it doesn’t give you the skills you need to be functional in any way, shape, or form. In fact the little you learn or think you may remember may give you a false sense of confidence.

Luckily, Tiga Tactics has a couple of programs that distill techniques down to their basics and provide lessons based on the current attention span of many in our society.

Bottom line is you need to get basic functionality as soon as possible.

The attackers you encounter in the streets will use ambush tactics and tools that are easy to conceal and legal to own. These includes things like:

  • Their Fist: A fist never requires justification as to why a bad guy is “carrying” it. Everyone has their fists on them all the time and it can be extremely effective especially when there is little warning of an impending attack.

  • A Knife: Many knives are legal to carry for both good guys and bad guys (size/style dependent based on your local laws). So why are you going to let the bad guys start off with an advantage.

  • A Club: A club could be a baseball bat, metal rod or any other hard object in a similar shape. Situation dependent, these can be disguised (i.e. metal rod with newspaper rolled around it), hidden nearby (i.e. disguised as trash or an abandoned object near the site of the ambush site) or explained away (i.e. carry an object that has reasonable justification like a baseball bat near a baseball field).

All of these common attack methodologies are taught in Tiga Tactic’s full suite of courses: defense against the fist (“Punch Proof”), defense against a knife (“Stab Proof”), using your own knife (“EDC Karambit”) and defense against a club (“Club Proof”).

The lessons revolve around their methodology distilled using data obtained from close circuit TV covering actual crimes and by pressure testing their techniques in scenarios.

One of the best aspects you’ll find is that Tiga Tactics provides training and starts off each course with some basic instruction on situational awareness. After all if you can avoid being in the location of the future criminal act, you’ll avoid the incident altogether. If that fails, they also provide indicators of an impending attack, buying you the seconds or milliseconds you may need to be properly ready to react.

In the end, training for longer periods in person with a professional instructor is the way to get closer to mastery. That being said, many of our families or friends don’t have the time, effort, energy or money to commit to achieving a basic functionality. Tiga Tactic’s course give that functionality covered in an attention span that can be accomplished in a single day.

Plus, once you pay once you can go back periodically wand watch the training. This means that unlike an in person seminar, you can essentially take the seminar as many times as you want. Check out their full line of courses here, and I hope to see you in their private Facebook group (reserved only for Tiga Tactics students, alumni, instructors, and VIPs).  


Evan Perperis is a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran with a cumulative 44 months of combat deployments. He’s currently a brown belt at Shaolin Kempo Karate, has been trained in Modern Army Combatives Program Level I and is currently training in Kali, Jeet Kune Do, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

When not practicing martial arts or working, he’s racing as a professional Obstacle Course Racing athlete with more than 65 podium finishes and helping others as a National Strength & Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). His website is Strength & Speed, and his biography is available in hard copy/digital and audiobook from Amazon.

Stab/Slash Survival Skills Seminar in Virginia


Tiga Tactics is proud to announce that we’re collaborating with Red Team Alliance to bring our acclaimed Stab/Slash Survival Skills Seminar to the East Coast for a special two-day event.

Sign Up for 2 Days

Click below to sign up for both days of the seminar. There’s a discount for first-responders, law enforcement, military, and veterans. (Thanks for your service and sacrifices!)

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Can’t make both days? No worries. Click below to sign up for one day of the seminar. There’s a discount for first-responders, law enforcement, military, and veterans. (Thanks for your service and sacrifices!)


We’re going to reveal what many other systems don’t teach (or don’t know enough about to teach) their students about violent knife attacks:

  1. How criminals truly attack.
  2. Simple (but not easy) defenses against those attacks.
  3. Effective yet fun training progressions distilled from the 12 combative styles that we’re certified in.

We didn’t create a new martial art style. Instead, we formulated the street-effective solutions to the most common knife attacks by first studying how real criminals use an edged weapon and then creating natural responses to stop those attacks.

This isn’t an issue of styles, it’s a matter of survival. 


This two-day event will take place on November 2 and 3, 2019, during the following times:

  • Day One: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Day Two: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Red Team Alliance – East
3308 Bourbon Street
Fredericksburg VA 22408


While other arts might teach you hypothetical knife defenses that work great on paper, we will give you proven techniques and concepts that will work against a resistant attacker in a real-world setting. How? 

Our instructorsDr. Conrad Bui and Patrick Vuong — have a combined 60 years of martial arts and combatives experience, including instructor certifications in the bladed arts of Filipino Kali and Indonesia Silat. We’ve spent countless hours training to filter out what really works on the street.

We’ve spent thousands of dollars on gear, tuition, and training videos to hone our skills and knowledge.

And we’ve watched years worth of surveillance footage and smartphone videos of real-life knife attacks.

Combining life-saving knowledge, street-effective techniques, and realistic training progressions that are safe and fun, Tiga Tactics has distilled all of that into a groundbreaking seminar that could potentially save lives and keep you and your loved ones safe from an edged weapon ambush.



The following is mandatory for attendance at our Stab/Slash Survival Skills Seminar:

  • Comfortable workout clothes
  • Athletic footwear
  • Safety-rated eye protection (ANSI Z87+, MIL-PRF-32432, etc.)
  • Groin cup
  • Blunt training blade

The following is optional items you might want to consider bringing:

  • Forearm guards
  • Water
  • Hand towel
  • Snacks or small meal


The following are what some students have said about our Stab/Slash Survival Skills Seminar.

The simplicity of the techniques is what really impresses me. Not only is it simple, it also gives me a high percentage of surviving these types of knife ambushes.”

Sherman Chin
7th-Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo

What I liked was that you broke it down to really simple things so I can walk out of here remembering them. And I liked that you did the research — that’s much more useful than anything like this that I’ve been to before.

A. Davé
San Jose, California

I’ve seen a million videos over the years of knife attacks. So this is one of the first classes that deals with the multiple stab aspect. The techniques are very simple and super effective.

Peter Mouttapa
Karate Black Belt


Even if you’re a grandmaster, you will find something new or something of value in the first two hours of our seminar. If you don’t, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked. Seriously. That’s how revolutionary this seminar is. 


The cost is $297 for both days or $167 for one day.

However, we offer a few discounts for those who like to plan ahead, as well as an additional discount for first-responders, members of the military and law enforcement, and veterans who show valid government ID.*

Early Bird Registration
(Through September 20)

For one day:

  • $127 
  • $112 for first-responders, military, law enforcement, and veterans *

For both days:

  • $237
  • $202 for first-responders, military, law enforcement, and veterans *

eptember 21 to October 25)

For one day:

  • $137 
  • $117 for first-responders, military, law enforcement, and veterans *

For both days:

  • $257 
  • $219 for first-responders, military, law enforcement, and veterans *

At the Door

For one day:

  • $167 
  • $142 for first-responders, military, law enforcement, and veterans *

For both days:

  • $297
  • $253 for first-responders, military, law enforcement, and veterans ​s *

* DISCOUNT ALERT: If you’re a first-responder, member of the military or law enforcement, or a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, send us a copy of your identification by emailing info@tigatactics.com before paying and we will get you a special coupon code so you can enjoy the appropriate discount. 

Register now, as space is limited and slots are filling up!

Sign Up for 2 Days

Click below to sign up for both days of the seminar. There’s a discount for first-responders, law enforcement, military, and veterans. (Thanks for your service and sacrifices!)

Sign Up for 1 Day

Can’t make both days? No worries. Click below to sign up for one day of the seminar. There’s a discount for first-responders, law enforcement, military, and veterans. (Thanks for your service and sacrifices!)