REPORT: What is the Most Common Weapon Used on the Streets?


Here’s the harsh reality that everyone must face: It doesn’t matter if you’re fit and strong …

… own a gun …

… carrying a knife …

… or have a lifetime of martial arts experience.

If violent criminals see that you’re vulnerable — even for a second — and can get a jump on you …

… they will smash your skull using the most common weapon used on the streets.

And do you know what that weapon is?

No, it’s not a gun. Or a knife. Or even a stick.

It’s the weapon they were born with — their fists.

Don’t believe us?

FACT: Fists (and feet) are the No. 1 most common weapon used in aggravated assaults in the United States, according to the FBI.


Here’s another statistic from the FBI:


FACT: Empty-hand attacks in the USA accounted for 183,137 aggravated assaults and 600 homicides in 2019.


And then there’s this crazy fact …


FACT: Empty-hand assaults were used 22 TIMES more than rifles attacks in the USA.


The fact of the matter is that an American is violently assaulted every 25 seconds.

And that’s why we want you to have this life-saving knowledge …


We have a report that details everything you need to know about the urban ambush technique known as the suckerpunch.


This 36-page report explains:

  • 3 Reasons why violent thugs use the suckerpunch


  • 6 Signs of an Incoming Urban Ambush: Know when the fists will fly — even before the attacker does!


  • 3 Keys of a Suckerpunch: Learn how criminals use this weapon.


  • 4 Simple Steps to suckerpunch survival.

If that’s not enough, we added a FREE bonus chapter to the report that breaks down:


How you will most likely be attacked on the street.
SORRY but it is highly unlikely a violent thug will attack you the way you’ve been training, whether that’s with:
  • perfect punches (like in Boxing)
  • kicks (like in Tae Kwon Do)
  • knife hand chops (like in Karate)
  • tigers claws (like in Kung Fu)
  • elbows (like in Silat)
  • knees (like in Muay Thai)


Understand Your Enemy: Odds are, a psychotic punk will throw a big haymaker … but HOW? Knowing how a bad guy operates can save not only your life but of those you love as well.

Two For the Road: There are 2 ways a thug will try to smash in your face:

  • One is repetitive (what we call the One-Armed Bandit), and …
  • The other is alternating (we call it the Swimmer).


Do you know the difference?
Because it might just stop a psycho from shattering your eye socket


Get our special gift today and find out!

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Global 3-Day Training Event … That’s FREE!


I’m super pumped to reveal this news!

I’ve been keeping it under my hat for a couple of months, just waiting for the official OK … which I just got.

I’m honored to be invited by my friend, Kinko Hamilton, to be one of the speakers at the 2020 Women’s Self-Defense Summit being held at the end of the month!

What does that mean for you?

You, your wife, sister, mother, niece, or friends can learn from more than two dozen elite instructors for THREE days, all completely free.

There will be a tons of valuable advice on personal protection to elevate your self-confidence through self-defense and to live an inspired and empowered life.

There will be sessions on fear management, how not to become a target on the street, and essential sexual assault defense strategies. 

And yours truly will be discussing one of my favorite topics: Death by Martial Arts Myth and how to make sure your women’s self-defense is realistic and street applicable.

I’m humbled to be among a lineup of prominent icons in the self-defense industry, including:

I’m humbled to be among a lineup of prominent icons in the self-defense industry, including:

  • Master Al Dacascos (founder of Wun Hop Kuen Do)
  • Tony Blauer (SPEAR System)
  • Burton and Sarah Richardson (JKD Unlimited)

And the best part is that you don’t have to fly or drive to get to the event.

The 2020 Women’s Self-Defense Summit is a free online conference.

Every virtual session will be broadcast over the web, so you can watch from the comfort of your home.
You’ll have access to every speaker’s interview for 24 hours after it goes live September 28-30.

To see the agenda or grab your FREE ticket today, click here!

Until then, keep training and …

Stay alert, stay humble, stay kind,

Patrick Vuong

UFC Fighter Battles Home Intruder


MMA fighter Anthony Smith in a UFC match. (Image courtesy of UFC.)

Imagine it’s the middle of the night. You’re deep in REM sleep when a strange noise wakes you up. An intruder is in your house.

Your heart races.
Your breathing quickens.
Your muscles tighten.

What do you do next?

This nightmare scenario is something we’ve all thought about. But for UFC fighter Anthony Smith, it was something he actually experienced recently.

With his wife and kids to protect, the light heavyweight contender jumped from his bed and bolted down the stairs. And who does this 6-foot-4, 205-pound professional MMA fighter face when he finds the intruder?

A 21-year-old man who’s barely 170 pounds.

So Smith probably mopped the floor with this guy, right? Knocked him out in a flash with a devastating knee to the head? Or maybe shot in with a double-leg take-down and secured a rear naked choke to subdue the burglar in a few seconds?

Nope. Not even close.

A black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who’s been fighting professionally since 2008, Smith said it was “one of the toughest fights” of his life. The violent encounter lasted for a whopping 5 minutes until police finally arrived.

As the saying goes, “When seconds count, police are minutes away.”

You can watch the “Lionheart” recount the incident in his own words in the video above.

But needless to say, his MMA training definitely made a difference … but it didn’t provide all the answers. If you haven’t already, it’s worth taking some time to watch the entire video. Then proceed reading below.

Here are our major Tiga Tactics Takeaways from Smith’s experience:

  1. Practice: Just like a fire drill, have a SHTF plan for a home invasion scenario and rehearse it with everyone who lives in your household.

  2. Lock Up: Smith’s encounter reaffirms what our friends in law enforcement and our own criminal research already revealed: The most common entry points for criminals are the front door and the garage. So lock your doors (and windows) and double-check them before you go to bed.

  3. If You Got It, Use It: Smith said he had a security system … but didn’t arm it before he went to bed. This is obvious — if you have an alarm system, use it.

  4. Make Ready: Self-defense tools are useless if they’re not within arm’s reach. When poop hits the fan, you just won’t have time to go searching for your weapon.

  5. Keep Training: While you might be a skilled warrior in your own right, there’s a good chance you’re not a UFC fighter vying for the light heavyweight championship of the world. But Smith is — and his fight took 5 long minutes. Do you have the wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, and striking skills (and the physical stamina) to fend off someone who’s possibly under the influence of a controlled substance or mentally unstable?

We’re not saying you need to be a UFC contender to prevail in a violent encounter. You don’t have to be a physical specimen and MMA expert like Smith to win. But what we are saying is that you want to stack the odds in your favor. You want as many advantages as possible when your life is (or your loved ones’ lives are) on the line.

So train hard and train often.

If you don’t have the time or opportunity to study MMA, tactical firearms, or some form of self-defense, go to one of our live seminars or check out our online courses.

In the meantime, stay alert, stay humble, stay kind.