I’ve been training in various styles of martial arts for several years and spent most of my adult life preparing for and then deploying to combat zones around the world for the U.S. Army.

Despite having significantly more self-defense training than the average person, I recently attended two different spouse/women’s self-defense seminars — one online through Tiga Tactics and one in person offered on a military base by a local martial arts gym.

While you may think it’s not necessary, here’s why I took the time to learn “women’s
self-defense.” As with all things Tiga Tactics, the justification comes in a set of three:

1) They Don’t, So I Do: My sister, wife, and daughter don’t love training in combat or combat sports like I do.

If I tried to teach them all the stuff I learn in the several hours a week I spend in training, not only would it be likely impossible, but they would also lose interest really quickly.

Instead, I wanted to know what others were putting out so I could get the ladies in my family functional as soon as possible.

The same logic not only applies to my wife but other members of my family as well. Whether that be my daughter, my sister, my young son, or my parents. Unless you grew up in a combat-sports family, chances are not everyone you know has the attention span that you do when it comes to fighting.

2) Easy to Learn: In the fitness industry there’s a saying that goes, “The best diet is one that you can stick to and the best workout routine is one that you will regularly do”.

A self-defense program that requires months and years of training to be effective will likely not work for a large percentage of the population.

Instead those looking for self-defense who have a limited attention span need to be taught quickly, at their convenience, and at their own pace.

This is what Tiga Tactics has done with their online programs: allow you to move on your own schedule, at your own pace, as well as let you re-watch programs as many times as needed.

3) Ability to Practice/Re-Train: Even if a style is easy to learn, if your spouse wants to be effective, he or she is still going to need practice or some refresher training.

Training consistently is the best solution and what is most recommended if you want to get better. However, you need to start someplace, and Tiga Tactics gives you an easy way to access information in the comfort of your own home.

Their online course “Fighting Chance Combatives” is something you can view on demand. As digital media, you can re-watch it any time you want as long as you have internet access and a computer or mobile device. 

Tiga Tactics has taken their no-nonsense approach to getting functional ASAP and applied it to self-defense specifically for women or those of smaller stature (get “Fighting Chance Combatives” here).

As a male, I may never have to use some of the tactics and tips shared by the instructors at Tiga Tactics (although a lot more are useful than you would think), but I’m glad I know. Before my daughter grows up and starts venturing out on her own, I’ll be sure to give her these tools to survive, too.


Evan Perperis is a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran with a cumulative 44 months of combat deployments. He’s currently a brown belt at Shaolin Kempo Karate, has been trained in Modern Army Combatives Program Level I and is currently training in Kali, Jeet Kune Do, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

When not practicing martial arts or working, he’s racing as a professional Obstacle Course Racing athlete with more than 65 podium finishes and helping others as a National Strength & Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). His website is Strength & Speed, and his biography is available in hard copy/digital and audiobook from Amazon.

Wilderness Warrior Weekend Camp


We’re teaming up with survival expert and New York Times bestselling author Tim MacWelch to host Wilderness Warrior Weekend Camp!
This will be two days packed with combatives, survivalism, and (most importantly) fun camaraderie! We’ll teach you self-preservation skills using three tools: your hands, your knife, and your axe.
You’ll learn how to procure water, make fire, build a shelter, and defend yourself.
This is going to be epic — like “The Walking Dead” epic … but without the brain-eating zombies, of course. 


September 17-18, 2022
Exact itinerary will be announced shortly


We’ll be training in the great outdoors on private property in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
It is roughly 1 hour south of Washington, D.C., and 1 hour north of Richmond, Virginia.


If you sign up now, you’ll save a massive 60% off the regular price. But don’t delay because this Save-the-Date Special won’t last long.

Takedown Defense & Survival Webinar


We’re pumped to announce that we’ll be holding our first street-grappling seminar — and everyone in the world is invited!

That’s because the Takedown Defense & Survival Webinar is n live online event that anyone can join so long as you have a mobile device/computer and a reliable Internet connection.

Come join us to learn how to defend against and (more importantly) how to avoid a takedown on the streets. We’ll also cover how to breakfall properly if you are taken down so that you don’t BREAK as you FALL.


April 9, 2022

10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pacific Time


Online in your home, thanks to magic of the Internet and the Zoom app


Any open-minded, respectful adult can attend this seminar. (Minors must have their parents or guardians’ permission via a signed copy of our waiver form.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt or a complete grappling newbie. This webinar will have something for everyone, as we’ll be covering how to defend yourself against a takedown on the streets where there are no rules and no referees.

This will be a combatives-infused grappling seminar backed by science, research, and real-life fight footage.

He’s Lucky to Be Alive

The dude really should count his lucky stars today.
The man I’m talking about in the headline is a 29-year-old New York subway rider who was smashed in the head with a hammer last week.
His assailant was Christian Jeffers, a career criminal who has at least 47 (yes, forty-seven!) prior arrests before being arraigned last Friday for the unprovoked and vicious attack.
Jeffers bumped into the victim on the train platform then screamed, “Why you hit me?”
Then he suddenly pulled out a hammer from a bag and swung!
The victim got one arm up as he stepped back, but it wasn’t enough — nor was it the right defensive move — and the hammer landed with a sickening thunk sound.
From confrontational question to cranium contact, the scary assault took just 3 seconds.
“I didn’t see the hammer,” the victim told the New York Post. “It happened, like, too quick for me to react.”
The 29-year-old fell to the concrete, his forehead bleeding from the hammer blow. He was hospitalized, but fortunately not for too long.
There’s a lot to unpack with this case, but here are our top 3 takeaways:

  • Avoid the “poisoned hand:” The shoulder bump that preceded the hammer attacker reminded me of what my Kung Fu master called the “poisoned hand.” No, it’s not an ancient death touch technique; it’s the concept of avoiding damage by not being where a kick or punch would land. This means getting in and out of range quickly.

    Jeffers understood range when he intentionally bumped into his victim. So, when possible in public, get out of the way. Give people as wide a berth as possible and recognize when someone is within striking range — both yours and theirs.

  • Steel your mind: It’s pretty clear by what the victim told reporters that he didn’t expect to be in a fight that day — especially against a career criminal armed with a hammer! If you can’t even imagine an event happening, it’s pretty difficult to prepare for it when it does happen.

    That’s why, as part of my defensive mindset ritual, I either perform one draw of my chosen self-defense tool or say to myself, “This could be the day I might have to fight for my life or the life of a loved one.” This prepares me mentally right out of the gate.

  • Don’t rely on your reaction time: Jeffer’s 29-year-old victim said that things happened too quickly for him to react. But that’s the problem with most unsuspecting prey; they always assume they’ll see an assault coming and have the time and distance to react.

    News flash: Evil does not strike slowly. Two-legged predators attack in the concrete jungle just like their four-legged brethren do in the wild — unexpectedly, quickly, and violently.

That’s why you need consistent and realistic training, because (as the saying goes) you do not rise to the occasion but rather fall to the level of your training.
Conrad and I have spent years pressure-testing techniques against resistant partners armed with training weapons (from knives and guns to sticks and baseball bats).
We know what it takes to survive an urban ambush involving a hammer or any other blunt weapon.
And it’s not necessarily what’s taught on the range or in the dojo.
Fortunately, you don’t have to spend decades studying martial arts, combat sports, and combatives like we did.
That’s because we’ve distilled the best tips, tactics, and training drills in “Club Proof 1.0.”
And in honor of my namesake holiday today, you can get this home study course for half price during St. Patrick’s Day week.
Just use the 50% off promo code stpaddy2022 at checkout.

Enroll in “Club Proof” today so you don’t have to rely on luck to survive a blunt weapon attack.

But don’t wait — our St. Patrick’s Day sale ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time this Saturday.

EDC Edged Weapon Seminar: Maryland 2022


Tiga Tactics is pumped to announce that we’re bringing our popular EDC Edged Weapon Seminar to the East Coast!

We’ve only taught this seminar on the West Coast and as a webinar series, and it has sold out each and every time. So, you’ll want to sign up ASAP!


Saturday, May 14, 2022

  • 9 a.m. to noon
  • 1-hour lunch break
  • 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

  • 9 a.m. to noon
  • 1-hour lunch break
  • 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.


Academy of Traditional Asian Fighting Arts
7908 Harford Rd.
Parkville, MD 21234


To ensure our high standards of instruction and personal mentorship, we limit the size of our seminars to ONLY 30 students maximum. 

And keep in mind our previous seminars have all sold out prior to the start of the events.

So don’t delay — sign up now! Hit the red button below.




The interesting thing about being a “good guy” is that you need to have the mindset of a “bad guy” to be truly effective at stopping, countering or understanding their tactics.

The big difference between the good and bad guy is what they do with that information. The bad use it to exploit and take advantage of the weak, while the good use it to train, protect and occasionally take up a profession dedicated to stopping the bad guys.

My background is in the U.S. Army Special Forces, therefore I primarily work in the projectile range of combat. Only when things start going poorly do I have to work in the striking weapon, kicking/punching, and grappling ranges.

So despite having almost two decades of training in the projectile range, I still decided to pick up some lessons from Tiga Tactics to help round out my skills. I knew I had found the right place because they were using lessons I had learned from real world combat that they discovered through analyzing actual footage from Closed Circuit TV (CCTV).

During deployments to both hostile and semi-permissive countries I often carried concealed weapons. Sometimes it was a handgun, sometimes a blade and sometimes based off local laws, all I had was my fist. The techniques I was taught to successfully hide your weapon are the same techniques taught in reverse that allow you to identify someone who is carrying.

Tiga Tactics provides these same tips when they are teaching identifying someone who is preparing for an attack in things like “Stab Proof” and “Club Proof”.

The same justification I have for carrying weapons in a semi-permissive environment when stopped by a country’s security forces, is the same justification criminals will use in the United States. Being able to use something you always have on you, like a fist, is a great weapon that requires no justification and one of the reasons criminals use it (that you can learn about in “Punch Proof”).

Furthermore, using a knife, when size/type are legal, is a great option (as you learn about in “EDC Karambit”).

The strikes taught in their “Toolbox 1.0” program are some of the same strikes I’ve been taught for combat.

The palm heel strike is effective and limits the chance of a fracture in your hand. After all, if I fracture my hand in combat it makes operating a gun or driving a vehicle very difficult. The same logic they use for the palm heel I was taught in offensive driving courses on hand position on the steering wheel. The way you position your hands when driving can help prevent finger breaks to allow you to fire your weapon after a car collision.

I share all of this to tell you that their logic is sound and based off the equivalent of several lifetimes of martial arts training. I can recognize the Tiga Tactics instructors’ logic path because I used it overseas but for a different application. During my deployments to Iraq, my platoon was the most effective in our Battalion at finding enemy weapons caches. We would find them frequently without any direct informant tips. The reason was simple, we put ourselves in the enemy’s shoes and said “where would we hide our weapons if we wanted to be able to attack Americans when needed, but reduce risk of being caught red handed when we weren’t in attack mode”.

The same logic I used in combat, Tiga Tactics as applied to everyday life here in America. If you are looking to get functional as soon as possible (ASAP) check out the full suite of Tiga Tactics courses now available.  


Evan Perperis is a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran with a cumulative 44 months of combat deployments. He’s currently a brown belt at Shaolin Kempo Karate, has been trained in Modern Army Combatives Program Level I and is currently training in Kali, Jeet Kune Do, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

When not practicing martial arts or working, he’s racing as a professional Obstacle Course Racing athlete with more than 65 podium finishes and helping others as a National Strength & Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). His website is Strength & Speed, and his biography is available in hard copy/digital and audiobook from Amazon.



If you’ve been part of a martial arts training center you may have noticed that there is a decent amount of turnover.

People will show up, train for just the free classes or stay for a month and then leave. Perhaps I am not describing a stranger but rather you or a loved one.

The problem with this is it doesn’t give you the skills you need to be functional in any way, shape, or form. In fact the little you learn or think you may remember may give you a false sense of confidence.

Luckily, Tiga Tactics has a couple of programs that distill techniques down to their basics and provide lessons based on the current attention span of many in our society.

Bottom line is you need to get basic functionality as soon as possible.

The attackers you encounter in the streets will use ambush tactics and tools that are easy to conceal and legal to own. These includes things like:

  • Their Fist: A fist never requires justification as to why a bad guy is “carrying” it. Everyone has their fists on them all the time and it can be extremely effective especially when there is little warning of an impending attack.

  • A Knife: Many knives are legal to carry for both good guys and bad guys (size/style dependent based on your local laws). So why are you going to let the bad guys start off with an advantage.

  • A Club: A club could be a baseball bat, metal rod or any other hard object in a similar shape. Situation dependent, these can be disguised (i.e. metal rod with newspaper rolled around it), hidden nearby (i.e. disguised as trash or an abandoned object near the site of the ambush site) or explained away (i.e. carry an object that has reasonable justification like a baseball bat near a baseball field).

All of these common attack methodologies are taught in Tiga Tactic’s full suite of courses: defense against the fist (“Punch Proof”), defense against a knife (“Stab Proof”), using your own knife (“EDC Karambit”) and defense against a club (“Club Proof”).

The lessons revolve around their methodology distilled using data obtained from close circuit TV covering actual crimes and by pressure testing their techniques in scenarios.

One of the best aspects you’ll find is that Tiga Tactics provides training and starts off each course with some basic instruction on situational awareness. After all if you can avoid being in the location of the future criminal act, you’ll avoid the incident altogether. If that fails, they also provide indicators of an impending attack, buying you the seconds or milliseconds you may need to be properly ready to react.

In the end, training for longer periods in person with a professional instructor is the way to get closer to mastery. That being said, many of our families or friends don’t have the time, effort, energy or money to commit to achieving a basic functionality. Tiga Tactic’s course give that functionality covered in an attention span that can be accomplished in a single day.

Plus, once you pay once you can go back periodically wand watch the training. This means that unlike an in person seminar, you can essentially take the seminar as many times as you want. Check out their full line of courses here, and I hope to see you in their private Facebook group (reserved only for Tiga Tactics students, alumni, instructors, and VIPs).  


Evan Perperis is a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran with a cumulative 44 months of combat deployments. He’s currently a brown belt at Shaolin Kempo Karate, has been trained in Modern Army Combatives Program Level I and is currently training in Kali, Jeet Kune Do, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

When not practicing martial arts or working, he’s racing as a professional Obstacle Course Racing athlete with more than 65 podium finishes and helping others as a National Strength & Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). His website is Strength & Speed, and his biography is available in hard copy/digital and audiobook from Amazon.



We’re looking to donate more than $3,300 worth of Self-Defense Scholarships to 6 deserving women.

These scholarships come in the form of our latest home study course, “Fighting Chance Combatives” and all of its bonus materials.

This 53-part online program is one of our most comprehensive self-defense courses to date. It focuses on the fundamentals of effective personal protection for women, teens, and folks of smaller stature.

It’s packed with practical safety tips that you can apply in the same day, science-based and street-effective techniques, and realistic and progressive drills to get you in fighting shape.

As scholarship winners, the 6 female recipients will each receive free access to “Fighting Chance Combatives”™ (normally $250) and all of its bonuses (worth $312) for a total value of $562 per scholarship.

To be eligible, you must be a woman from one of the following categories and be able to provide some valid form of proof:

  • Law Enforcement: Any woman currently employed as an agent or peace officer in a local, state/provincial, or federal law enforcement agency is eligible.

  • First-Responder: You may apply if you’re a woman currently employed as an EMT, paramedic, or firefighter.

  • Military: Any woman currently serving in the U.S. or Canadian Armed Forces is eligible to apply.

  • Veteran: You’re eligible if you served in the U.S. or Canadian Armed Forces and was honorably discharged.

  • Frontline Healthcare Worker: Any woman currently employed as a frontline healthcare worker (e.g. receptionist, assistant, technician, nurse, doctor, etc.) may apply.

  • Survivor of Violence: Any woman who has survived a violent encounter and would like to learn self-defense.

It’s free to apply for this scholarship, and there’s no catch.

We just ask that the winners agree to:

  • Have their name, occupation, general location, and photo published in our announcement of the winners. (Some details can be omitted for professional/personal security.)

  • Provide a written testimonial once they’re finished the course.

Good luck to all the applicants!


1. Eligibility: This Scholarship is open only to those who are 18 years old as of the date of application, are legal residents of the United States and Canada, is a member of one of the following categories: Law enforcement, first-responder, military, veterans, frontline healthcare worker, and survivor of violence. Tiga Tactics, its employees, instructors, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, and suppliers (herein after called the “Company”), and immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Scholarship. The Scholarship is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited.

2. Agreement to Rules: By applying, the Applicant (herein after called “You”) agree to be fully unconditionally bound by these terms and conditions, and You represent and warrant that You meet the eligibility requirements. In addition, You agree to accept the decisions of the Company as final and binding as it relates to the content of This Scholarship.

3. Scholarship Application Period: Applications will be accepted starting on Monday, February 7, 2022 at 6 a.m. PT and ending Friday, February 25, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. PT. All online applications must be received no later than Friday, February 25, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. PT.

4. How to Enter: The Scholarship can only be entered here and You must answer every question. The entry must fulfill all Scholarship requirements, as specified, to be eligible to win a Scholarship. Applications that are incomplete or do not adhere to the rules or specifications may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Company. You may enter only once. You must provide the information requested. You may not enter more times than indicated by using multiple email addresses, identities, or devices in an attempt to circumvent the rules. If You use fraudulent methods or otherwise attempt to circumvent the rules, your submission may be removed from eligibility at the sole discretion of the Company.

5. Prizes: There will be 6 Winners of the Scholarship (herein after called the “Winner”) in total — one winner from each eligible category listed in Section 1. Each Winner will receive lifetime online access to “Fighting Chance Combatives” ($250 value) and all of its related bonus materials ($312 value). Actual/appraised value may differ at time of prize award. The specifics of the prize shall be solely determined by the Company. No cash or other prize substitution shall be permitted except at the Company’s discretion. The prize is nontransferable. Any and all prize-related expenses, including without limitation any and all federal, state, and/or local taxes, shall be the sole responsibility of Winner. No substitution of prize or transfer/assignment of prize to others or request for the cash equivalent by Winner is permitted. Acceptance of prize constitutes permission for the Company to use Winner’s name, likeness, and application for purposes of advertising and trade without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.

6. Odds: The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible applications received.

7. Winner Selection and Notification: The Company has sole and complete discretion to select the Winners. Winner must be able to provide valid proof that she is a member of one of the following categories: Law enforcement, first-responder, military, veterans, frontline healthcare worker, and survivor of violence.

Winner will be notified via email within two (2) days following selection of Winner. The Company shall have no liability for Winner’s failure to receive notices due to spam, junk e-mail, or other security settings or for Winner’s provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning contact information. If Winner cannot be contacted, is ineligible, fails to claim the prize within seven (7) days from the time award notification was sent, or fails to timely return a completed and executed declaration and release as required, the Scholarship may be forfeited and an alternate Winner selected. Receipt by Winner of the prize offered in this Scholarship is conditioned upon compliance with any and all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The Company is not liable or responsible in any way for any taxes, tariffs, or fees associated with receipt of the prize.

8. Rights Granted By You: By entering this content (e.g., photo, video, text, etc.) to apply for the Scholarship, You understand and agree that the Company, its employees, instructors, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees, successors, and assigns, shall have the right — where permitted by law — to print, publish, broadcast, distribute, and use in any media now known or hereafter developed, in perpetuity and throughout the world, without limitation, your entry, name, portrait, picture, voice, likeness, image, statements about the Scholarship, and biographical information for news, publicity, information, trade, advertising, public relations, and promotional purposes and without any further compensation, notice, review, or consent.

9. Terms & Conditions: The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Scholarship should a virus, bug, non-authorized human intervention, fraud, or other cause beyond the Company’s control corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, or proper conduct of the Scholarship. In such case, the Company may select the Winner from all eligible applications received prior to and/or after (if appropriate) the action taken by the Company. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who tampers or attempts to tamper with the entry process or the operation of the Scholarship, the Company’s social media accounts, online platforms, and website, or violates these Terms & Conditions. The Company has the right, in its sole discretion, to maintain the integrity of the Scholarship, to void applications for any reason, including, but not limited to: multiple applications from the same user from different accounts or IP addresses; multiple applications from the same computer in excess of that allowed by Scholarship rules; or the use of bots, macros, scripts, or other technical means for entering. Any attempt by an entrant to deliberately damage any website or undermine the legitimate operation of the Scholarship may be a violation of criminal and civil laws. Should such attempt be made, the Company reserves the right to seek damages to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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11. Disputes: This Scholarship is governed by the laws of the USA and the State of California, without respect to conflict with law doctrines. As a condition of participating in this Scholarship, You agree that any and all disputes that cannot be resolved between the parties, and causes of action arising out of or connected with this Scholarship, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, exclusively before a court located in California having jurisdiction. Further, in any such dispute, under no circumstances shall Participant be permitted to obtain awards for, and hereby waives all rights to, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees, other than Participant’s actual out-of-pocket expenses (i.e. costs associated with entering this Scholarship). Participant further waives all rights to have damages multiplied or increased.

12. Privacy Policy: Information submitted with an entry is subject to the Privacy Policy stated on the Company website. To read the Privacy Policy, click here https://tigatactics.com/privacypolicy/.

13. MailChimp: The Scholarship hosted by the Company is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with MailChimp.

14. Acceptance of All Rules and Terms & Conditions: By entering the contest, You have affirmatively reviewed, accepted, and agreed to all of the Rules and Terms & Conditions explained here.


REPORT: What is the Most Common Weapon Used on the Streets?


Here’s the harsh reality that everyone must face: It doesn’t matter if you’re fit and strong …

… own a gun …

… carrying a knife …

… or have a lifetime of martial arts experience.

If violent criminals see that you’re vulnerable — even for a second — and can get a jump on you …

… they will smash your skull using the most common weapon used on the streets.

And do you know what that weapon is?

No, it’s not a gun. Or a knife. Or even a stick.

It’s the weapon they were born with — their fists.

Don’t believe us?

FACT: Fists (and feet) are the No. 1 most common weapon used in aggravated assaults in the United States, according to the FBI.


Here’s another statistic from the FBI:


FACT: Empty-hand attacks in the USA accounted for 183,137 aggravated assaults and 600 homicides in 2019.


And then there’s this crazy fact …


FACT: Empty-hand assaults were used 22 TIMES more than rifles attacks in the USA.


The fact of the matter is that an American is violently assaulted every 25 seconds.

And that’s why we want you to have this life-saving knowledge …


We have a report that details everything you need to know about the urban ambush technique known as the suckerpunch.


This 36-page report explains:

  • 3 Reasons why violent thugs use the suckerpunch


  • 6 Signs of an Incoming Urban Ambush: Know when the fists will fly — even before the attacker does!


  • 3 Keys of a Suckerpunch: Learn how criminals use this weapon.


  • 4 Simple Steps to suckerpunch survival.

If that’s not enough, we added a FREE bonus chapter to the report that breaks down:


How you will most likely be attacked on the street.
SORRY but it is highly unlikely a violent thug will attack you the way you’ve been training, whether that’s with:
  • perfect punches (like in Boxing)
  • kicks (like in Tae Kwon Do)
  • knife hand chops (like in Karate)
  • tigers claws (like in Kung Fu)
  • elbows (like in Silat)
  • knees (like in Muay Thai)


Understand Your Enemy: Odds are, a psychotic punk will throw a big haymaker … but HOW? Knowing how a bad guy operates can save not only your life but of those you love as well.

Two For the Road: There are 2 ways a thug will try to smash in your face:

  • One is repetitive (what we call the One-Armed Bandit), and …
  • The other is alternating (we call it the Swimmer).


Do you know the difference?
Because it might just stop a psycho from shattering your eye socket


Get our special gift today and find out!

While our 36-page report, called “Urban Ambush Armor,” normally costs $12.97, you can get it today for a limited time for FREE!

Just sign up below, confirm your free subscription, and download the 36-page report — at NO charge.

Consider it our gift to you!


Global 3-Day Training Event … That’s FREE!


I’m super pumped to reveal this news!

I’ve been keeping it under my hat for a couple of months, just waiting for the official OK … which I just got.

I’m honored to be invited by my friend, Kinko Hamilton, to be one of the speakers at the 2020 Women’s Self-Defense Summit being held at the end of the month!

What does that mean for you?

You, your wife, sister, mother, niece, or friends can learn from more than two dozen elite instructors for THREE days, all completely free.

There will be a tons of valuable advice on personal protection to elevate your self-confidence through self-defense and to live an inspired and empowered life.

There will be sessions on fear management, how not to become a target on the street, and essential sexual assault defense strategies. 

And yours truly will be discussing one of my favorite topics: Death by Martial Arts Myth and how to make sure your women’s self-defense is realistic and street applicable.

I’m humbled to be among a lineup of prominent icons in the self-defense industry, including:

I’m humbled to be among a lineup of prominent icons in the self-defense industry, including:

  • Master Al Dacascos (founder of Wun Hop Kuen Do)
  • Tony Blauer (SPEAR System)
  • Burton and Sarah Richardson (JKD Unlimited)

And the best part is that you don’t have to fly or drive to get to the event.

The 2020 Women’s Self-Defense Summit is a free online conference.

Every virtual session will be broadcast over the web, so you can watch from the comfort of your home.
You’ll have access to every speaker’s interview for 24 hours after it goes live September 28-30.

To see the agenda or grab your FREE ticket today, click here!

Until then, keep training and …

Stay alert, stay humble, stay kind,

Patrick Vuong